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What is the role of a retarder in a vehicle?

The role of a Telma electromagnetic retarder is to ensure endurance braking. An equipped vehicle has the advantage to reduce pressure on his brakes and consequently eliminate the risks associated to service brake overheating.
Therefore, using a Telma retarder is synonym of safety and comfort for the driver as well as for his passengers.

In addition, using a retarder is also a source of savings since it significantly reduces operating costs: frequency of brake pads replacement potentially divided by 8; reduced maintenance costs, and increased vehicle availability.

Last, using a Telma retarder is beneficial to the environment: indeed, there is no hydraulic circuit drain and no emission of particulate pollutants harmful to health.


Is the Telma retarder efficient at low speed?

Yes, the Telma retarder is particularly efficient at low speed. This is the reason why it is the best solution for urban or stop-and-go type uses. It absorbs up to 80% of the braking needs, almost to the vehicle's standstill. The full stop of the vehicle is still completed by the service brakes.


Does the Telma retarder shut off when overheated?

The Telma retarder does not need to shut off when hot: it has sufficient cooling capacity, provided by the air flowing through its rotors, whose design is specific to this purpose.
In addition, the retarder is selected based on the vehicle specifications so that, regardless of the Telma retarder temperature, it will remain efficient and fulfil its function.


Can the Telma retarder catch fire if it is exceedingly solicited?

No, the Telma retarder cannot catch fire, even in the event of intense solicitation.
As any braking system, the Telma retarder transforms the energy dispersed during braking into heat. Consequently, a few installation provisions are recommended depending on conditions of use.


Where can you find manuals, a spare parts list, or information on Telma retarders?

Manuals, a list of spare parts, or information on Telma products and retarders are available from partner agents listed on our website.
You can also contact the Telma technical service or the Telma commercial service via the online questionnaire.


What is the maintenance frequency of a Telma retarder?

The Telma retarder does not require any maintenance.
However, Telma recommends periodic visual checks.


At what moment is the Telma retarder the most efficient?

The Telma retarder is the most efficient when it is cold, at a speed range between 20 and 50 km/h. However, please note that when hot, the retarder remains efficient and fulfils its function.


Can the Telma retarder be used even on a damaged road?

The Telma retarder can be used regardless of the road condition. It is designed to withstand severe external stresses.
Please note that in the event of repeated use in severe conditions, Telma recommends increasing the frequency of visual checks.


Can the Telma retarder be used in any weather condition (rain, snow, or ice)?

The Telma retarder is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and severe weather conditions. The full integration of Telma retarders with electronic driver assistance systems guarantees the absence of risk associated with the use of a Telma retarder, regardless of the road grip conditions.


Could excessive use of a Telma retarder cause premature tire wear?

No, a Telma retarder will not be the cause of premature tire wear. Tire wear is primarily due to a driver's driving style that would overuse the braking system, and not to the use of the retarder.


Can you install a Telma retarder on a vehicle already in use?

It is totally possible to install a Telma retarder on a vehicle in use. Telma offers a wide range of retrofit mounting options completed by Telma partners.


Is there a risk of losing the manufacturer warranty in case of a retrofit installation of a Telma retarder?

No: there is no risk of losing the manufacturer warranty, provided that installation has been made by a dealer of the vehicle brand or by a Telma agent (who will be required to provide documents certifying the compliance of the installation).

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