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Telma, over 60 years of existence and world leader in secondary electromagnetic retarders

Since 1946, Telma has been the world leader in frictionless braking systems based on the physical principle of electromagnetic induction. Telma's unique expertise in the field of induction braking systems has been built on sixty years of presence on the market, during which Telma managed to establish the industry standards and make a difference in its area of expertise.

Since its inception, Telma has significantly contributed to the improvement of road safety. Telma has been actively lobbying and campaigning around the world to promote recognition of the importance of the integration of retarders in vehicles designed for the transportation of passengers and goods.

The Telma induction braking system product range includes more than 250 retarder variations for road vehicles, providing braking torques of 350 Nm to 3300 Nm. Designed to be mounted on driveshafts, gearboxes or drive axles, this wide range provides solutions to a large variety of vehicle configurations (...)

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In its April 2014 news number 43, the Busworld Istanbul website publishes an article on the international development of Telma activities, highlighting, among other news, the launching of its new line of AF retarders.  The article describes the numerous advantages of Telma retarders, with particular emphasis on the latest...
With EuroVI, its completely new line of trucks, Renault Trucks has once again expressed its confidence in Telma by offering exclusively, as a factory option, Telma electric retarders on all new 'Distribution', 'Wide Construction', and 'Wide Distribution' series. For DTI5 210 to 240 horsepower engines, Renault Trucks...
To outfit their Euro6 lines, car manufacturers, Telma clients, ... Iveco, Volvo Renault Trucks, Temsa , Otokar ...., continue to trust Telma. All of them selected the Telma retarders' CAN integration solution into the EBS/ESP braking systems. Continued trust in our AD6 AD7 and Focal products, with the addition of the Telma MCR...

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Telma on the Busworld Istanbul 2014 Hall 1 - Booth n°1 - D38 From 24 to 27 April 2014 in Istanbul Turkey.

29 Apr

Atlanta ,
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Telma will be attending the Waste Expo 2014, in Atlanta - Georgia, that will be held from April 29 to May 1st, 2014 booth 920.