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The New Renault Trucks Euro 6 Line and Telma: The Winning Duo

The New Renault Trucks Euro 6 Line and Telma: The Winning Duo

With EuroVI, its completely new line of trucks, Renault Trucks has once again expressed its confidence in Telma by offering exclusively, as a factory option, Telma electric retarders on all new 'Distribution', 'Wide Construction', and 'Wide Distribution' series.

For DTI5 210 to 240 horsepower engines, Renault Trucks selected the Telma AD61-55 retarder, with a retarding power of 370 kW; it should be noted that no hydraulic solution is offered for these engines.

For the DTI8 240 to 320 horsepower engines, Renault Trucks opted for a higher retarding capacity with the indispensable AD72-00 and AD72-60 retarders that deliver retarding powers of 480 and 620kW respectively, a capacity up to 55% higher than hydraulic solutions (400/420 kW).

The unequalled benefits of Telma retarders, now installed on the whole Renault Trucks series, is once again demonstrated and approved.

Published on 24-03-2014
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