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Retarder installation
Installing a Focal®

Installing a Focal® Retarder

Focal ® retarders are designed to be adapted at the gearbox output or at the transmission axle input. All adaptations offered by Telma have been carefully reviewed and validated by manufacturers of related transmission parts.

Mounting to the gearbox or to the vehicle's axle

Specifically designed for short wheelbase tractors and rear engine buses, Focal ® retarders are attached to the flange of the gearbox output shaft or directly mounted to the axle.

Rotating part of the adaptation:

The separator secures rotors to the output axle of the gearbox or bridge.

Fixed part of the adaptation:

The Stator support is used to attach the retarder to the gearbox or bridge.

Mounting on vehicle gearbox

Mounting on vehicle axle

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